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Collaboration Project is an independent creative agency that strives to bring advertising and design together under one roof. We're engineers, ad-men, brand guys, strategists and design-preneurs, sometimes all at once. Why? Because we've always felt that the best ideas come from crossing disciplines to inspire creativity and break boundaries. It's this sentiment that keeps us working alongside a network of amazing people to develop creative solutions that come to life, both for small startups and big companies. From turning a rough napkin sketch into a final product on a shelf to forging an award-winning brand from a simple idea, we're here to work with you.

Oh, and we like to work on a few ideas of our own. You can check some of them out in the links under our names below.


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An agency that can make products and sell them. Who knew?

Patrick Triato

Patrick Triato

Drew Downie

Drew Downie


Patrick Triato

Patrick graduated from Case Western University with a degree in Product Design Engineering. He started working as an independent contractor as well as working for local design firms in Cleveland OH, Chicago, IL, and Portland OR.

He has over 15 years of professional experience with clients, overseas and domestic manufacturers, tooling, molding processes, and materials choices and ergonomics. Has worked for and with clients including: Rubbermaid, Amana, Kraftmaid, Masco, Black and Decker, Little Tikes, Fisher Price, P+G, Jaguar, and Spectrum.

Other Projects: bnd products, union/pine, goodwell, bravery goods

Drew Downie

Drew came to Collaboration Project from NEW Studio, a design and branding consultancy in Portland, OR. Shortly before that he was in W+K12, a yearlong and highly selective creative school located within the walls of the global advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy.

In 2012, along with Patrick, Drew was part of a team that helped to launch several companies, one of which included an audio company that went from Kickstarter to the shelves of Apple in just over seven months.

Drew was born in Ohio and is proud to call it "home".

Other Projects: bnd products, personal portfolio